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italki上的天使教师 – Norman


Teacher what does this word actually mean responsibility, knowledge, care or something else…?

当我在italki上认识了Norman以后,我才对“老师”二字有了更深的理解。第一次看到Norman,也是我刚加入italki的时候. Norman很有学者的风范,给人感觉严谨中透着关爱。Norman对于教学和人生都有很多独到的见解。有时候我也在想,生命和学习的意义究竟是怎么样的?我想,Norman就是我们最好的答案。他在italki上帮助会员们进行答疑解惑,他利用各种网络学习工具组织自己的语言学习小组,帮助来自世界各国的朋友们进行英语学习。 我谨代表italki社区和会员们,对Norman致以最诚挚的感谢!

When I first met Norman (a Canadian ESL teacher) on italki, I had developed a deeper understanding about these words.  At the time, being a recent member of italki myself. I found the academic style of Norman’s teaching to be of a laid back teaching environment. Creating a relaxed learning environment and loved filled setting for all his students. Norman has his own perceptions on both teaching and life. Sometimes I am also wondering what the meaning of life and study on earth is. I think Norman is one our finest examples. He helped the members on italki to solve their questions. He used different kinds of tools on the internet to organize his own language learning community. Today you will still find Norman helping his italki friends from all over the world with their English.  On behalf of the italki community and its members, we would like to give Norman our deepest thanks.


Norman’s story:
2006年1月的某一天,Norman接到医生的电话,自己被诊断为患有癌症。对任何人,这都是一个非常震惊的消息,意味着百分之五十战胜癌症的几率和会影响生活质量的化疗。在经过了思考之后,Norman决定要在保持一个乐观心态、帮助别人的同时,和疾病斗争,让生活更美好。在加入了一些抗癌帮助小组以后,Norman好像并没有感到很多正面的能量。就是此时,Norman发现了italki.com。他开始创建自己的语言学习小组“Languages in Action”,义务在网上教授来自不同国家的学生英语。他的第一个学生是一位来自中国的大学在校生,之后,陆续有来自巴西、埃及、土耳其和其他的中国学生加入了这个学习小组。Norman通过italki和skype的平台和学生们沟通,帮助他们。一个人虽然不能改变整个世界,但是我们可以改变自己和我们的周遭。在italki上面,你会找到真正的语言学习良师和好友。帮助自己,帮助他人,一起分享我们的语言学习知识吧!

One day in January 2006, Norman received a call from his family doctor. The doctor gave him the bad news he had been diagnosed with cancer. To Norman, this was very shocking news, which means he has a 50/50 chance of surviving this particular cancer. There is no cure for this particular cancer and chemotherapy would only affect the quality of his life. Norman and his doctor decided on “watch and wait”.  Norman joined many cancer help groups, which he found very depressing.  After thinking carefully, Norman decided to maintain a positive attitude, by helping other people and at the same time fighting against the disease to make the quality of his life better. 
During this period, Norman found italki.com. He began to start his own language learning group “Languages in Action”, teaching English to the students from all over the world for free. His first student was a university student Wendy, who is from China.  Afterwards, there were students coming from Brazil, Egypt, Turkey and some other Chinese students joined his learning group continuously. Norman communicated with his students using  italki and skype and his virtual classroom. A man cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves and people around us. On italki, you will find real language learning tutors, teachers and make many friends. Help yourself by helping others, let’s share our knowledge of language together!


Let’s listen to Norman’s students whom express their gratitude. We are also grateful for those courageous students whom express their respect and support!